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Boards and Fronts with ultra-matt effect – Forner’s Velvet Collection

Another borders have been crossed while the creation process of our new deep matt surfaces. As an effect we are proud to present our new 16-colours collection of boards and fronts Velvet. Their warm and velvety in touch surfaces will seduce your senses.


Thanks to unconventional approach and constant searching for new custom solutions Forner is once again able to offer an unique, top product. Using Forner’s Velvet Collection, designers can create space for most demanding customers.

The most important advantages of boards and fronts from Velvet by Forner


Velvety in touch - senses register warm and pleasant silk-like material, which seems to surround a customer with luxury

Seducing ultra-matt effect – brill and silky finish creates unique depth which is incomparable to other products on the market

Extreme Scratch Resistance - Surfaces from Velvet Collection is scratch-resistant. According to UNI EN 438,25 resistance value is 3.

Anti- fingerprint - in order to improve esthetics and make it easier to maintain our product we used technology allowing to limit fingerprints.

Jointless technology - thanks to innovative materials and machinery on our production line we were able to produce product where the joint between a surface and an edge is almost impossible to notice

Easy to work on - The material that is used on the surface and edges are made of really flexible material. Hence, it is really easy to cut to size compared to vinyl or lacquer products.

Easy to fix - nanotechnology used on the surface allows to get rid of micro-scratches. All we need is a wet cloth and an iron or a hair dryer.


Other Advantages of Velvet’s Collection


Easy and quick manufacture process - As the boards are really easy to cut we able to produce fronts much quicker compared to lacquer or vinyl.

Multifunctionality - Fronts and boards from Velvet Collection can be used for bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. They would also look perfectly on exposition.

Consistant and lasting colours - Colours will always be the same like ordered before regardless to when the product was order. What is more colours and depth last for long years.

Easy to clean - Following scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint technology boards from Velvet by Forner collection are really easy to clean and maintain. All we need is a cotton cloth and mixture of water and 1% of soap.

Ecology and Environment - We pay a lot of attention to protect our environment. Material used for Velvet Collection is polymer, which was acquired 100% from recycling. As well as reverse side laminate, these materials are safe and used for example to produce food boxes. What is more, we only use wooden-like products certificated by FSC.


Board size: 2800 x 1300mm / Thickness 16mm, 18mm (other on request)

Application: Ultra matt Fronts and Panels may be used for horizontal surfaces: tables, table tops, counters.

Colours: Velvet Collection are 16 precious ultra-matt colours.


Colours references







BL 6220


Ref. Egger U540


RL 5987


Ref. Egger U325


VL 4246


Ref. Egger U636


NL 7462


Ref. Arauco SF237


BL 6221


Ref. Egger U599


NL 7358


Ref. Egger U717


NL 7394


Ref. Egger U961


WL 1551


Ref. Egger W1200


NL 7393


Ref. Egger U702


WL 1648

Premium white

Ref. Egger W1000


WL 1649

Alpine White

Ref. Egger W1100


AL 2156


Ref. Egger U222


NL 7473

Light Grey

Ref. Egger U708 / Tafisa L202


NL 7415

Dust Grey

Ref. Egger U732


NL 7322


Ref. Egger U999


NL 7361

Stone Grey

Ref. Egger U727



For all Forner products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original colour sample! All the colours on our website are given for orientation only, in no way can they be seen as legally binding. Product and colour changes, all rights reserved.