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Quality from the core to the surface

We shaped our firm for the most challenging projects in our search for unconventional and unique solutions.

Our products we provide the market with are just like the reality surrounding us - not in a black & white and flat version, as some would wish, but diverse and multidimensional. They have been designed with perfection in each dimension and excellence from the core up to the surface.

Discover, touch and feel the difference. Let your senses seduce you. Design is for everybody!

In fact, whether we feel comfortable or not in some interiors, it’s mostly because of details surrounding us. We are able to perceive them, as details really matter for us.

from design to technology

Our company started back in 2007, when we launched outstanding innovative furniture boards produced by Italian company CLEAF with their deep surface patterns. Five years later we started producing high gloss acrylic panels. Today we are a leading seller of panels with reflection covering in Poland. 

We are oriented in providing the European market with the industry’s innovations in various aspects: from design to technology. We are proud to set new market’s trends. We fully understand our buyers’ needs. What is more, as a market leader we feel responsible for the quality of our products. Therefore, each year new products are launched, and our sophisticated machinery park is enlarged and developed. 

Innovation in various aspects

We are a production & trading company inviting our customers to the world of our modern and unique materials designed for the furniture market, we are a symbol of innovation and unusual range of furniture materials - furniture boards.

We produce full gloss & deep matt panels and front . Our components allow to create a perfect interior design satisfying the most demanding customer needs. 

We work fast, but very carefully, high quality is guaranteed. Only the best components and the most sophisticated technologies are used and therefore we are able to offer the best quality product.

10 years of experience

Forner started 10 years ago as a little company employing only a few workers. All the years of hard work and dedication paid off as we  have been recently awarded a prize of the Forbes Diamond.

We are obviously aiming to achieve typical business goals - to increase the range of products, production and sales levels. However, we are also interested in creating an interaction centre and where you could creatively and actively exchange your ideas and knowledge in different fields - not only related to the furniture boards production, but also widely understood design or the interior design based on modern materials and technologies.

We want our customer to be met with a wise and perfectly finished up product - it does not really matter whether the customer receives a product directly from our production line or from our warehouse.


-    Viva Light Exposure award in the ‘StandOUT’ MeblePolska 2016 contest in Poznań- Arena Design 2016

-    Fornerlux – our acrylic high gloss furniture boards – are part of the exhibition: „Making Room: Housing for a Changing America” at the National Building Museum in Washington (opening XI 2017 r.)

-    Forbes Diamond 2017 award (6th place in Lublin province in the category  ‘incomes from 5 to 50 million PLN’)

Our activities

-    Forner is currently the biggest Polish producer of acrylic furniture boards in full gloss and deep matt,

-    We offer unique, extra thin table tops Forner TT, with its only 1 cm thickness,

-    We also produce: deep matt furniture boards; high gloss and deep matt front panels, front panels based on Cleaf board, we offer board cutting and covering,

-    We offer acrylic/ gloss and matt industrial applications on different materials (MDF board, raw chipboard and plywood, etc.),

-    Forner is an official distributor in Poland of the Italian furniture boards produced by CLEAF,

-    As one of the market leaders we set new trends in the market of furniture materials.

Our attributes

- We understand needs of our customers, but we also help them to broaden their horizons and make them more sensitized,

- The modernity and uniqueness of the offered materials for the furniture market. Forner is a symbol of innovation and unusual range of furniture materials- furniture panels,

- We break the monotony offering a very wide range of decors, offering not only the ones with the wood grain, but also the ones imitating material structures and natural materials, etc.

-  We work fast, but very carefully. High quality product is offered by us, manufactured with the use of the most sophisticated machinery and the best possible solutions. Only the best components are used and therefore we are able to offer the best quality product.