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If you want to create your own board choosing the type of core and type and thickness of the film on the front and on the back you are in good place.

Colour of the front panel

At first decide what colour should be on the front surface of the panel. You can choose from high gloss and deep matt colour palette. And decide if it will be acrylic film with Scratch Resistant film or „economic” panel.

Core and thickness

Then, choose type of core and thickness.

Standard is MDF 16mm or 18mm thick board.

But you can also choose from: specially grinded chipboard; birch plywood; oak plywood or Krono® Swiss CDF (black core of HDF). See subpage "Other CORE". 

Back side of the panel

What colour should be on the back side of the panel? The back side of the panel is made in our standard structured PP (polypropylene films – antiflex and waterproof) in white colour. We also offer other colours: light gray, vanilla, cappuccino, graphite and black. Please visit "Back side films" subpage.

But remember that on the back side of the panel we can also use deep matt and high gloss acrylic film – from standard scratch resistant collection or from extreme scratch resistant collection. Full range of colours you can find on other subpages.