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Full gloss & deep matt acrylic panels – standard SR collection

Besides our premium acrylic deep matt and high gloss furniture boards which distinguish oneself by extreme scratch resistance (extreme SR) we offer deep matt and high gloss panels witch standard scratch resistant layer (standard SR).


Standard doesn’t mean worse quality. We still use best high gloss and deep matt acrylic films. The protection from scratches is high (0,6N DIN68861; no additional UV lacquered protection). And the mirror effect and smooth surface on deep matt panel is outstanding comparing to other product which you can find on the market in similar price.


Board size: 2800x1250mm 

Thickness of the core: 16mm and 18mm 

Application: Acrylic full gloss & deep matt boards (standard SR) may be used for horizontal surfaces: tables, tables tops, counters. 

Colours: Forner full gloss & deep matt acrylic panels are available in 23 colours (7 colours in deep matt and 16 colours in high gloss). See gallery below. Other colours on request. 


Adventages of standard SR acrylic furniture panels produced by Forner: 

* Quick and easy production: Acrylic fronts are produced much faster than varnished ones. Material processing is easier and less time-consuming. After removing the protective film, the product is ready for use.

* Multifunctionality and versatility: Forner's acrylic fronts can be used both for a design of a kitchen or a bathroom furniture, as well as a bedroom’s or a living room’s design.

* Colour’s depth and durability of: Forner's acrylic film does not get oxidised. The colour will thus keep its depth and clarity for many years.

* Repeatability of colour: Repeatability of colour is another advantage of our acrylic boards. Regardless to the date of the order, the colour will be the same as before.

* Easy to clean: Surface is not only durable and resistant, but also easy to clean. Just use a microfiber or cotton cloth with a 1% solution of soap and water.


For all Forner products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original color sample! All the colors on our website are given for orientation only, in no way can they be seen as legally binding. Product and color changes are possible. All rights reserved by Forner.