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Forner is a production & trading company and we are pleased to invite our customers to the world of our modern and unique materials designed for the furniture market. We are a symbol of innovation and unusual range of furniture materials - furniture boards.

Forner is the biggest producer of high gloss and deep matt acrylic boards in Poland. We have almost 5 year of high gloss and deep matt furniture boards and front panels production experience.


Each day we produce 5000m2 of glossy furniture panels and our products are distributed not only in our domestic market but our customers are located in east and central part of Europe (Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain) as well as other continents (Canada, India, New Zealand, USA).

We work fast, but very carefully. High quality is guaranteed. Only the best components and the most sophisticated technologies are used therefore we are able to offer the best quality product of the Polish market.


Almost a perfect mirror image of the panel surface - this is the most distinctive feature of the furniture panels offered by Forner. High  quality product at a very competitive price is guaranteed by the biggest Polish manufacturer of the high gloss panels. The collection is available in both - standard and SR version - with advanced scratch resistance. 


The biggest Polish manufacturer of the high gloss and deep matt panels owns one of the most sophisticated and modern production lines in Poland with very large processing capacities. A very good brand press machine working in a passage mode guarantees a very high output. As Mr. Sebastian Bartkowiak, deputy chairman of the company says: Our panels are based on MDF board and acrylic films. But we also offer acrylic/ gloss and matt industrial applications on different materials (MDF board, raw chipboard and plywood, etc.).


We use only the best available components, including PUR glue and finally this way we are able to produce a product with the highest possible quality. Customer satisfaction is very important for us and the types of machines we have purchased surely guarantee that we are going in the right direction. 


Panels are produced  basing on MDF 18 mm thick board. Board fronts are covered with acrylic films with scratch resistance of the Austrian SENOSAN company. The back side of the panel is made in white PVC antiflex and waterproof film. For board pressing we use waterproof PUR type gluing.


Board size: 2800 x 1300mm. Final thickness of the panel depending on the film color type thickness (different colors with different thickness).

How do we produce acrylic high gloss and deep matt furniture panels? (see video below)