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Forner acrylic boards: premium product in high gloss - extreme scratch resistant


The new generation of Forner extreme scratch resistant (SR - 1,1N DIN 68861) acrylic high gloss furniture boards is convincing due to the great depth effect and clearly improved features – this applies to all colours including metallics. Acrylic furniture boards are an innovative material for furniture manufacturing. 

High-gloss fronts enjoy unflagging popularity. Elegance, modernity and most importantly; mirror reflections optically enlarge the space and encourage to choose high gloss acrylic surfaces. Forner's extreme scratch resistant high gloss acrylic furniture boards and fronts are an innovative material for furnitures’ manufacturing.


Forner's acrylic furniture boards and fronts are the product of the highest quality.  As Mr. Sebastian Bartkowiak, chairman of the company says: We work fast, but very carefully, high quality is guaranteed. Only the best components and the most sophisticated technologies are used and therefore we are able to offer the best quality product. Forner's acrylic furniture boards are based on four components: MDF, acrylic film, i.e. plastic resistant to external factors, PVC anti-flex and waterproof film and waterproof PUR adhesive.

To produce extreme scratch resistant (SR) HIGH GLOSS furniture panels we use Senosan high gloss lacquered acrylic films, with their unmistakeable surface and depth effect offer a gloss effect like no other material. They can be distinguished by enormous scratch resistance, UV resistance and environment friendly features. All products are exactly matched as required to their target group of furniture manufacturers and designers.


What are their advantages? The unparalleled colour depth, unusual mirror effect and very high resistance to abrasion and scratches. However, there is more. Forner's acrylic boards and fronts are also characterized by high resistance to all kinds of chemicals and stains. Their resistance to UV radiation is much higher than in case of other products on the market.

So, Forner acrylic boards differ from other materials on the market due to their unique surface features: - effect of mirror reflection; - unusual depth of colour; - excellent scratch resistance; - high chemical resistance; - increased resistance to UV radiation.


Board size: 2800 x 1300mm / Thickness 16mm, 18mm (other on request)

Application: Acrylic high gloss (mirror gloss) panels extreme scratch resistant may be used for horizontal surfaces: tables, table tops, counters. 

Advantages of high gloss furniture panels produced by Forner:

•    excellent scratch resistance (scour resistant) - 1,1N Erichsen DIN 68861/ T4 IHD-W-466 Class1

•    gloss level (60°)  GLE ca. 90

•    enormous chemical resistance

•    no polishing of the surface after removal of protective film

•    increased UV resistance


Colours: Forner high gloss boards extreme scratch resistant are available in 23 market-adjusted trend colours and ex-stock (see gallery below).

See our film - high gloss panels extreme scratch resistant with mirror gloss and metallic effect.

Benefits of using Forner acrylic furniture boards

Let’s see other benefits of using Forner acrylic furniture boards in high gloss.

Quick and easy production: Acrylic fronts are produced much faster than varnished ones. Material processing is easier and less time-consuming. After removing the protective film, the product is ready for use.

Multifunctionality and versatility: Forner's acrylic fronts can be used both for a design of a kitchen or a bathroom furniture, as well as a bedroom’s or a living room’s design.


Colour’s depth and durability of: Forner's acrylic film does not get oxidised. The colour will thus keep its depth and clarity for many years.

Repeatability of colour: Repeatability of colour is another advantage of our acrylic boards. Regardless to the date of the order, the colour will be the same as before.

Easy to clean: Surface is not only durable and resistant, but also easy to clean. Just use a microfiber or cotton cloth with a 1% solution of soap and water.

See video about advantages of using our product (with english subtitles)


For all Forner products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original colour sample! All the colours on our website are samples witch vary from those legally binded. Product and colour changes, all rights reserved.