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Boards and Fronts with ultra-matt effect – Forner’s Velvet Collection


Velvet is synonym of luxury. Soft and pleasant to touch material is not only used in fashion. It is also popular in interior designs, curtains or couches. Forner decided to take a step further and adapt the characteristics of the material to furniture world. That’s how the Velvet Collection had been made.



Luxury out-look of ultra-matt colours


Furniture boards have never been so deep-surfaced and velvety and smooth to touch. What is more they are technologically adapted to requirements of furniture industry (anti-scratch and anti-finger print resistance). Boards and Fronts from Forner’s Velvet Collection are the product combining luxury look and resistance. Every-day using and maintaining the product is much easier compared to other products on market. They will also last for much longer.


Pallet of Velvet Collection are 16 precious ultra-matt colours. They will fit in industrial interiors as well as more classic or Scandinavian designs. More and more customers demand deep-matt surfaces as they add a smooth and ellegant touch.


The highest quality ultra-matt surfaces on the market


Thanks to unconventional approach and constant searching for new custom solutions Forner is once again able to offer an unique, top product. Using Forner’s Velvet Collection, designers can create space for most demanding customers.


- Boards and fronts from Velvet Collection are produced using the best  components the most modern machinery that the market offers. Hence, the quality is the highest possible.


Fronts characterize with perfect edging where a joint between front surface and an edge looks like a smooth surface. Some of customers who’d had a chance to test the product already said that it is with no doubts the best ultra-matt product on the market- said Sebastian Bartkowiak, Forner’s Director.


The egdes are made from the same flexible material, which is used for front surface. Hence, colours are perfectly matched. What is more the edge is only 0.35 mm, so as it was said before the joints are hard to notice.


Surface is easy to repair - see video below